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RX-20 Rotary Extractor (USED)
Category:Used Equipment
Model Number:Used RX-20

USED RX-20™ HE (High-Efficiency)

Serviced and ready, new jets, Vac hose and cord.
For Truckmount & Portable
Carpet Cleaning Systems
  • Aggressive Restorative Extraction Tool for Residential and Commercial Jobs
  • Clean Carpet, Tile, and Grout with the RX-20 HE Total Floor Care System
  • Works great on stains and heavily soiled, matted carpet.
  • For truckmounts or portable carpet cleaning systems

Clean more carpet with less effort

Because the RX-20 is not operator dependent, it delivers more cleaning all day long, regardless of the operator. A slight change of balance on the RX-20’s handle allows the operator to clean in a side-to-side motion, with little or no effort.

The five vacuum heads and three spray jets rotate at 130 RPM creating 650 complete cleaning passes per minute.

Consistent quality cleaning, all day long

Customers will be impressed with the high-tech approach to cleaning the RX-20 produces, setting your operation apart from those using only a wand. Clean with less effort, get better results… and make more money.
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