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Multi-Steam Truckmounts
ENGINE: Kohler 26.5 HP EFI Command Pro energy efficient industrial air cooled engine
VACUUM: Roots 47 URAI blower produces up to 490 CFM 3" plumbing from stainless steel wastetank to blower.
HEATER: 220 XL On-demand fuel oil heating system. The 220,000 B.T.U. heating system can attain and maintain solution temps up to 280 degrees F.
DIMENSIONS: 42.5"W x 45.5"D x 43.5"H Weight 768 lbs
PUMP: Industrial heavy duty Cat 5 CP solution pressure system. Adjustable and useable pressures up to 3000 P.S.I. of solution pressure up to 4.2 G.P.M.

FEATURES: Unprecedented serviceability access | Easy access oil filter and oil drain | Inlet water system prevents backflow | Vacuum blower oiler

PERFORMANCE: 4.2gpm (Max) 3000 psi | 3.2gpm 1200 psi | 1.70gpm 500 psi @280 degrees F | Lab tested with #5 tip @ max settings | Sound Level 98-106 db
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