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Model Number:AC118

Extech i5 Compact IR Camera

Easy-to-Use Troubleshooting Tool - Only 12oz

An IR camera won’t give you X-ray vision, but what it will do is quickly identify sources of water intrusion and the extent of water damaged areas by detecting differences in temperature that indicate wet materials. You’ll be able to immediately focus in on the trouble spots and start drying with maximum effectiveness!

This IR camera is an excellent tool for demonstrating to adjusters, policyholders and other customers the extent of damage and that your company is utilizing the latest technology to do the job right!

Images are easily stored and uploaded to be used for documentation purposes. And, QuickReport PC software enables you to analyze, document your findings and generate reports.

The i5’s fully automatic design makes it incredibly easy-to-use— even for first time users and is a great marketing tool to demonstrate your professionalism and market leadership.

  • Pocket sized and fully automatic
  • 80 x 80 pixels for clear images
  • High accuracy of 2% helps you find problems faster and easier
  • Large 2.8" color LCD
  • >4 hour continuous operation on a single charge for uninterrupted inspections
  • Double molded rugged design with easy grip handle construction meets IP43 dust/splashproof standards
  • MiniSD™ card stores up to 5000\ Radiometric JPEG format images. Each image can be analyzed using the included QuickReport™ PC Software
  • Complete with 512MB miniSD™ Card, Li-Ion rechargeable battery with 100-260V AC adaptor/charger with EU, UK, US and Australian plugs, QuickReport™ software with USB Mini-B cable, built-in

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